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Mar 25 2017

Why is WordPress Such a Great Platform for Web Development When Used by Experts?

wordpress-for-your-site-and-businessBuilding a site these days does not require you to spend your time over raw HTML codes anymore. The creation of a website has been made very easy because of the formation of a number of tools to ease the process for an expert as well as a newbie. There a lot of content management systems available such as WordPress, Joomla etc. If you are confused about which website design option to choose, go for WordPress. Initially it was launched as a blogging platform but now it has expanded into a system to develop almost all types of websites. WordPress is responsible to power around 1/5 of the total websites available on the web making it a major content management platform.




Whether you are an expert or you are making your first website, WordPress is the best and most convenient option for the following reasons:

It is free:

It is an open source software which means that WordPress is free to use and it doesn’t cost you any money. You can download, install and use it for free. The only condition it costs money in is when one hires a web developer to get customized themes or other features made for their website. While using WordPress, you get a product that is coded by multiple developers belonging from throughout the world. They also constantly work to make it a better product. You are able to eat the fruit of their hard work without having to pay any charges for it.

It is simple to use:

It is one of the main reasons for the popularity of WordPress. It is hugely liked between web developers because of its simplicity and easy to use features. For a novice, it is quite easy to learn how to use it. Even if you don’t have much of technical knowledge, you can still use WordPress to edit the content on your website without having to hire any webmaster to do it for you. The days when you needed to know coding to edit your website have become a story of the past. If you have the basic knowledge, you can simply perform all the functions with your computer or even smart phone.

It allows a wide range of functions:

Apart from basic functions such as blogging or commenting, it also often a lot more advanced functions through many plug ins. Plug ins are extensions that can be added to WordPress to achieve certain functions. Because of its popularity, many plug ins have been created for it by the developers. Many of the plug ins can be installed online for free.

High optimization for search engines:

WordPress is loaded with a lot of options which you can utilize to get your website on the top of search engine results. Because of the creative and smart design of WordPress, it becomes easy for search engines like Google to get inside your website and extract the content. You can give metatags to every page and every blog which make it even easier for a search engine to find the content.

It is compatible for a number of plug ins:

It supports multiple plug ins so you can install and utilize them. With right plug ins, WordPress can be used to make a fully functional website. There is a large number of websites that use plug ins so they are safe to use.

It offers high security:

Apparently, WordPress seems quite a vulnerable website but actually it is exactly opposite. It is quite a safe platform that cannot easily be hacked. WordPress has a big security team that is constantly working to make it an even safer place.

Clearly, WordPress is popular for a reason!

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