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Apr 04 2017

How eLearning presentations enhance learning experience

learning-onlineIt is really important for an E-learning session or class to be more engaging, interactive and to have clear objectives regarding what to learn. Nowadays, there is a variety of tools, presentation makers, video editors, etc. for making an amazing presentation with mind-blowing animations and impeccable graphics altogether. It is highly recommended to use any one of those online resources while making your E-learning presentation or slideshow.

But before this, do you know that there are several other pinpoints to remember for making an effective presentation because if you do no work towards content, image-making, learning goals, etc; no matter which online software you use, your E-learning presentation won’t enhance the learning experience.

    • Go through your strategy plan again

Before finalizing other processes and moving further in the creation process of an E-learning presentation, just go through each point of your plan and if there is any point left or needed then add accordingly.

It is always better to start with a storyboarding process for sure, as it helps you to get with the flow of imaginative ideas, keeping a balanced pace for the content so that e-learning experiences can be interactive and engaging with this structure.

Make one thing remember initially, which makes your presentation and content more organized having a start-off topic with necessary elements.

    • Main focus should be the learning goals

Always be aware of the learning goals so that you can customize your e-learning presentation accordingly.

For example, prior choosing the ideal graphics to incorporate, decide whether or not that particular element is going to serve your learning objectives. Before adding the content make a useful storyboard, make prior adjustments for the suitable word count etc.

All these actions may help highlight the basics of objective creation and implementation. Moreover, it makes you more focused towards the ultimate goal.

    • Text and fonts should bold enough, simple and concise.

The text you include in your presentation should be simple, readable and clear. Avoid lengthy paragraphs as it only bore the learners.
It is better to use more bullet points and make the important pointers Bold enough to be more prominent.
Make sure that you don’t add the repeated content again and again as it creates stress on the viewers.

    • Make sure all colors and overall design is consistent

Make your aesthetic sense more creative because, without good design and bright colors, the presentation would be at its worst end. Cohesive E-learning design is a vital aspect of your presentation as it helps learners from becoming confused and having doubts in their minds. So make sure, that the color, branding image, designing aspect of your presentation should be consistent with the project flow and don’t look irrelevant anywhere. Your designing and image should represent the brand’s image overall.

    • Use high quality images and make audio + video integration

It is preferred to use high-quality and relevant images or photos in your e-learning presentation because it will make it more engaging and interactive. Make sure that you are adding the clear and relevant images.
Also, avoid adding too many pictures on a single page as it creates clutter only and loses the effectiveness of the topic and presentation.

While selecting the images, do remember one thing more: that you own the rights to images or use royalty free images otherwise, legal action could be done against you.

Do add audio and visual content both for grabbing viewer’s attention, as it is really important to create a dynamic and long lasting impression upon learners. Narration, background music, and video explanations are all examples of multimedia tools that you can use easily.

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